Grade 4 TCAP Prep

This page contains links to online activities and information for grade 4, with the purpose for preparing students for standardized testing. It coincides with the 2013 Spring Test Prep Advisory compiled by MCS Curriculum and Instruction.

Fourth Grade District-Targeted Skill Clusters

Cluster #1

**ELA: Main Idea and Supporting Details

**Math: Compare Using Decimal Representations

**Science: Investigating a Question

**Social Studies: Governance and Civics

Cluster #2

**ELA: Organization and Sequence

**Math: Use Symbols to Compare Fractions

**Science: Solving a Human Problem

**Social Studies: Economics

Cluster #3

**ELA: Sentence Analysis

**Math: Add and Subtract Fractions

**Science: Technology Development

**Social Studies: Geography and Maps

Cluster #4

**ELA: Literary Analysis, Judging Reliability and Appropriateness

**Math: Contextual Problems with Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals

**Science: Physical Changes in Matter

**Social Studies: Geography and Maps

Cluster #5

**ELA: Inferential Reading

**Math: Use Letters and Symbols to Write Expressions

**Science: How Materials Affect Light

**Social Studies: History

Cluster #6

**ELA: Main Idea and Supporting Details

**Math: Describe Data Using Mean, Median, Range, and Mode

**Science: Phases of the Moon

**Social Studies: History

Cluster #7

**ELA: Determining Purpose and Function

**Math: Generate and Compare Equivalent Forms of Fractions

**Science: Water Cycle

**Social Studies: History/Geography

Cluster #8

**ELA: Vocabulary in Context

**Math: Verify Conclusions using Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties

**Science: Cells

**Social Studies: History/Geography


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